Quick event search added — 2018年06月20日 18:34

For search for an event, enter any part of the name in the input at the top right and press Enter or Filter button:

Surebets (middles, valuebets) will be displayed if at least one team from the event matches at least one bookmaker (not necessarily included in this surebet).

If the query contains the word tournament: then the text after it will be used to search by tournament name, for example:
- name of team contains word Egypt: Egypt
- tournament contains word FIFA: tournament: FIFA
- tournament contains word FIFA and name of team word Egypt: tournament:FIFA Egypt

If query begins with ~ basic possibilities of regular expressions will be available, for example:
- contains Sweden or Russia: (Sweden|Russia)
- begins with Ireland: ^Ireland
- contains numbers 20, 21, 22 or 23: 2[0-3]
- contains Ireland and contains North: (.*Ireland.*)&(.*North.*)
- contains Ireland and doesn’t contains North: ^(.*Ireland.*)&~(.*North.*)$
- tournament contains NHL or NBA: tournament:"~(NBA|NHL)"